Ogijo Land is growing up everyday, why don’t you invest in real Estate today… New part is selling Now for N150,000 Per plot

Many a times, I use to ask people why they love to remain a tenant. I became a landlord when I was 28 Years old, as a single not yet married, and am enjoying the privilege of being called a landlord with other elderly people. Obviously, it is a good thing to own a house and also a good thing to invest in real estate.
Well, everyone in Lagos is saying landed properties are too expensive, but this is not true, because near Ikorodu, a plot is sold now for #150,000/Plot. This is a result of the beautiful season of Xmas and New Year. In this year, you can become a landlord with just a plot going for #150k and Acre= #800k respectively, where you can build a very good and beautiful house of your choice for yourself.

Don’t forget the story of the old foolish man that was unable to own a house where there at Anthony village when they are selling a plot of land for #500 in Lagos, because he said the area was bushy and not yet developed. Few years ago, he came to Ikorodu (Isawo) to rent an apartment. Why wait when you are not yet 71 years old. Own your own house before you retire or incapacitated. Get a plot of land for just #150,000 only

You may be thinking about how real this land is, don’t worry, it is very real and many people have built their own house too in the area and many are still building too. Hence, it is very important to know that the Bale of the community and other family members all have cordial relationship. Pay now and start building your house.

Also note that this land is a table one, near Arepo, in Ibafo and also near Ikorodu and also is free from all known acquisition


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